Your freight forwarding to the East - service on wheels

We are more than just a freight forwarder. We are an extensively interlinked haulage company. As a specialist for lorry transports with more than 20 years of experience, F & O Interfreight possesses a highly capable network of lorry companies in Russia, the CIS and Eastern Europe. These partners cooperate closely with us in order to get your freight to the destination.

Planned and performed by experts

The planning and performance of the individual transport orders are done exclusively by our company’s trained personnel. As soon as you have booked, our experts take on the coordination of deadlines with the loading office and control from the date of provision until the delivery of the consignment. From the start to the arrival, your transport is monitored extensively. We make this possible thanks to the years of contact to our partners in Russia, the CIS and Eastern Europe and thanks to our dispatchers’ linguistic abilities.

Our haulage company’s vehicles

Alongside conventional lorry transports, we also provide express, large-volume and heavy goods transports. Numerous types of vehicle are available to you on time with F & O Interfreight. In this way, your goods travel to Russian, Eastern Europe and to other countries in the east securely.